Helping You Make Your Sweet Life Become A Reality!



for a brand

  • What sets you apart from the other brands?
  • What makes your brand unique?
  • How do you rise to the top with that AMAZING idea?

I'm here to guide you through every detail from colors to logos to your brand message and blend them all together to make that AMAZING Idea Shine! 

  • Did you know colors evoke an emotion
  • Did you know lines in a logo or website or store create resting and relaxed, in-motion and active or strong and steady feelings?
  • Did you know people buy based on how they feel? It's biologically built into us.
  • Did you know big brands spend millions of dollars each year on getting in touch with their target customer's feelings?

Let's get started with laying out a strategic plan for your AMAZING idea.

I will sit down with you and listen to your ideas, gather information and create a plan for your brand you will LOVE.  Why? Because I LOVE what I do and LOVE to make my clients happy, excited and satisfied with their vision for this AMAZING idea.


What are my clients saying?

April is great! Super fast and gets it just the way you want it.
— Celeste N.
I was at the point in my business where I was really overwhelmed and I knew I just needed some help. I just put some feelers out there and I was lucky enough to have April chat with me and she made the overwhelmed feeling go away and replaced with confidence and a sense of relief knowing my business will be consistent and my vision for my brand and community will be developed the way I want it.