HELLO Sweet Life
Helping You Make Your Sweet Life Become A Reality!

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We are an independent business support service for AGNES & DORA, doTERRA, LipSense, LuLaRoe, Maskcara Beauty and Young Living independent reps.

Helping you make your sweet life become a reality!

Our goal with the HELLO Sweet Life BETA is to find out which tools, services and training independent beauty and fashion reps need to be successful in their business. I am offering custom VA- expert level virtual assistant services, to a handful of reps at a deep discount for a limited time.

What will happen during the BETA phase of HELLO Sweet Life?

  • I will act as your expert level virtual assistant
  • We will come up with a combination of services, business tools and marketing training specifically for you and your situation for the flat rate of $350 per month. An average value of $1,975 per month
  • You will in return for the deep discount offer valuable information to HELLO Sweet Life so we can create an amazing product that will serve thousands of beauty and fashion independent reps just like you. 
  • At the end of the BETA program we will be hosting a huge party for the launch of the HELLO Sweet Life brand and you will be invited as a VIP! 

Which services are AVAILABLE during the BETA? Below is a list of some of the services Available 

  • Work Flowchart- to help you navigate your day to day of your business ($50)
  • One hour monthly business consultation with April ($150)
  • Weekly Newsletter Management ( $300 per newsletter)
  • Monthly Printable Planner Pages ($50)
  • Monthly Printable Sale Tracking Sheets ($25)
  • Custom Digital Weekly Checklist Template ($50 google docs)
  • Custom Digital Goals Sheet ($50 google docs)
  • Custom Digital Sales Tracking ($50 google docs)
  • Monthly Package of 24 Pre-made Shareable Facebook Group and Instagram Graphics ($120)
  • Monthly Package of 24 Facebook Group Conversation Starters ($30)
  • Weekly Facebook Group Post Scheduling ($250 month)
  • Monthly Text Message Prompts- optional ($25)
  • Monthly Business Tool Freebies & Printables ($100+)
  • Plus more based on your individual business needs ($50+)

Please Note:  Sweet Services Setup is required to participate in this service. Since this is a BETA test some items may be added or taken away based on feedback from the BETA group. Nothing will be taken away without the whole group agrees. You will be asked from time to time to give your feedback and give suggestions to make these services better. 6-month commitment is required.  Payments will be charged monthly via a PayPal reoccurring charge.

I was at the point in my business where I was really overwhelmed and I knew I just needed some help. I just put some feelers out there and I was lucky enough to have April chat with me and she made the overwhelmed feeling go away and replaced with confidence and a sense of relief knowing my business will be consistent and my vision for my brand and community will be developed the way I want it.
— Lindsay D. LuLaRoe Rep

Sweet Services Setup (reg.$520) BETA PRICING $275

Some of the services need to setup you up for your custom package.

  • Preliminary Questionnaire (included with consult)
  • 1 Hour Consult ($150)
  • Newsletter Template Set-up ($150)
  • Newsletter Header Design ($75)
  • Opt-In Integration and Set-up ($35)
  • MailChimp Integration (Facebook) ($35)
  • Facebook Group Header Image ($75)
  • Custom Logo Design ($125)
  • Custom Graphic Design for Events ($75)
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Graphic ($50)
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Placement ($150)
  • Text Message Setup ($50)
  • Custom Business Card Design ($50)
  • Other Services Available Depending on Your Needs

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HELLO! I'm April. I have over 20 years experience in marketing, sales, digital media, design and branding. Over the years as single mother working from home I have developed a unique set of skills that I'm sharing with you to create a simple do-able plan to grow your business naturally within the flow of your everyday life. I have worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to your favorite bloggers teaching, assisting, producing and designing as well as running successful events and even a conference! You can read my full bio here.

"Not everyone can afford an expert to help them in their business so I created HELLO Sweet Life for you!"

I'm here to help you find a natural workflow for your business so you can obtain the sweet life you've dreamed of be it that family cabin in the woods, to taking great family vacations, to paying off your mortgage, or even buying your first home. Let's make your sweet life a reality!

setting small daily goal.jpg

my Goals for helping You

The Sweet Success subscription plans have been developed specifically for women like you who sell their favorite beauty and fashion products through network sales.

Time & Consistency

I have found with most of my clients that time and consistency are the two biggest barriers in their business success.

Life just gets in the way sometimes! Can you relate?

The printable planner pages help you break down your goals into daily achievable bite size pieces so you can be consistent and steadily grow your business. The planner pages are sized to fit most popular planners so you can pop your pages right into the planner you are already using. If you don't already have a planner, I really love these planners from my friend  Heidi Swapp and these ones too or you can get a simple binder link these ones.

Finding Your Niche

The next thing we go over and plan is finding your place and who you connect with naturally. We look at your talents, experiences and strengths to see where you shine and how you can help others shine when they use your products. 

What's your angle with your sales? Do you know your niche?

Don't worry everyone has something to offer and there are other women out there that relate to you. I promise!  I will help you find that niche so you can soar in your business and life. You would be amazed how setting simple goals, sharing your talents and making a little money will do for your self esteem and your budget. 

Building Community

People buy from those they trust. Building a community of like minded women is one of the keys to success. 

Do you know how to find your community and engage with them?

Facebook groups are great for building a community.  Keeping the conversation going helps everyone in the group feel like they have a voice and that they are part of the community. Our Facebook group conversation starters and graphics help you stay on top of engaging your community so you have more time to focus on your sales. 

Remind Them You're Here

One of the biggest loss of sales is when your customer forgets to turn to you for that product when they need it. Quick, grab them before they buy somewhere else. 

Did you know email marketing has the highest return on investment for sales?

If you are consistent and send out a weekly newsletter with your products your customers will come back to you time and time again, you just have to remind them. BUT there is a catch to emails, you need to know how to effectively create a layout, write enticing subject lines, and know which day of the week and time of day to catch your customer's eye.  I help you with creating a plan perfect for your customers.

Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you about this special offer for your business. I can't wait to help you reach your goals for a sweet life!



contact: april@simplythesweetlife.com